I’m so very thankful for all the friends who came out for photos this past year.  I appreciate you, your patience, your children, and your beautiful smiles.  It has been a joy to spend time with you in person and to see your images come across my camera and computer.  I love capturing family memories in this amazing city that we live in.

Much love,


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Six weeks old and this baby boy has completely charmed everyone he meets. I cannot stop staring at his smiles!!
I’m so thankful I was able to snuggle him during our lifestyle studio session. Cool fact of the day – I’ve known his momma for years and I had NO idea she could sing. But oh she can! And those smiles shown here are all in response to her singing and talking to him. This studio photosession was pure joy for me. Check out his smile!

Baby Smiles Olathe KS

Studio Baby Photographyjpg

Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Olathe Kansas Baby Photographer

Olathe Kansas Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Feel free to leave him some comment love if his smile and fist bump brightened your day. Let’s make it a great day friends.

We are homeschoolers, and even though we generally “do school” year round, we still like to document “back to school” around the end of summer. This library is one of our favorite places to spend time together and thus, it was the perfect location to shoot this session at.
Can you tell we enjoyed it?
Lifestyle Children's Photographer
Kansas City Custom Children's Photographer
Olathe Custom Children's Photographer
Olathe Custom Children's Photographer

Ealier this year we moved, and though it was a local move, my children were very sad to leave their home. Thus began the Good-bye House Project. Most of these images were collected on the morning of our moving day, not focused on the move so much as our family in our space. We packed copious amounts of joy, love and laughter in that home and would love to share some of that with you.

~ Michelle Geis Photography

This session was truly a treat for me, definitely a bit different from what I normally photograph. Even just typing out this blog post on my pink and silvery blog just makes me laugh. But come, have a look and listen. Let me introduce you to Crossfit Olathe, it’s owners, coaches, and members. I have been training at CrossFit Olathe since May and I highly recommend it.

Meet the owner/coaches: Jesse Rosser and Jerell Barber
Crossfit Olathe

Meet the coaching team. From left to right: Ross Von Minden, Greg Morales, Lindsay Ronnau, Jesse Rosser and Jerell Barber
Olathe Crossfit

And here is a little view of what you might witness on any given day at this amazing CrossFit facility. Many of these images were taken during the Lift Up Moore fundraising campaign hosted at Crossfit Olathe. There was a great deal of sweat left behind in honor of those in need. The members at this box have giving hearts… and strong bodies.
Overland Park Crossfit Photographer
This particular day’s workout consisted of cleans and burpees… a lot of cleans and burpees.
Olathe Fitness Photographer

Olathe Fitness Photography

Olathe Fitness Photography

Olathe Fitness Photography

Overland Park Fitness Photography

Olathe Fitness Photography

Olathe Fitness Photography

Olathe Crossfit Photography

And all (actually about half) of the smiling, happy Crossfitters who supported the Lift Up Moore campaign.
Crossfit Olathe Photography

A little family conditioning…
Olathe Fitness Photographer

And last, but possibly my personal favorite, some Olympic Lifting.
Olathe Fitness Photography

Olathe Olympic Lifting Photography

I’ll have more Oly Lifting coming up soon! I saved my favorites for a follow up post. For more information on Crossfit Olathe, visit the CrossFit Olathe webste and like their Facebook page for updates. I also typed out a personal review here.

All images ©Michelle Geis Photography 2013

I love the light in my little studio!  It makes my heart sing when I walk into the room in the mornings.
Add a wide angle lens and my youngest sweetheart and that is a recipe for happiness.

Olathe Kansas Child PhotographerOverland Park Lifestyle Photographer

Olathe Kansas Lifestyle Photographer